What is Han Chinese? Han Chinese is the largest ethnic population in the world, making up 20% of the globe's people. It makes up 92% of China's population, 98% of Taiwan's population. They are what the world calls generally "Chinese"; however, those in China categorize themselves based on their lineage, location and tribe. The Hans date back to one of the most successful, long-standing and famous dynasties: the Han Dynasty. It was a rapid growing one that integrated many people throughout the land. Today there are numerous subgroups of Hans with different languages, customs and appearances. Recently, the Chinese Government has encouraged the Han population to enter the Tibetan territory for more job opportunities, trade abilities and access to the goods in this region. As you can imagine, this is not well received by the Tibetans. Han Chinese look at this as a great opportunity, even one the Tibetan population should be grateful for.

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